Who We Are

Trans Globe Power’s group of companies objective is to develop high-quality clean renewable energy projects and generate attractive returns for investors. Superior operations and maintenance (O&M), is crucial to achieving these objectives.

Preventative and corrective maintenance programs operate 24/7 to ensure maximum efficiency of electricity generation. O&M plays a vital role in guaranteeing that all plants and installations continue to run long into the future and deliver secure returns from reliable and proven assets.

Meeting the extremely demanding quality and service criteria required to succeed is supported by access to a global network of highly-specialized and experienced technical staff through TGP, who is best-in-class at operating and maintaining many of the world’s leading power solutions.

The network of teams in the field ensures that any issues that arise are responded to rapidly and effectively, mitigating the potential for lost production.


We work closely with your design team to ensure every project meets your goals and requirements. Our solar designers will size and layout solar PV and solar water heating systems and can provide engineered drawings to ensure the best solar system for the project is efficiently coordinated and integrated into the rest of your design.


Whether it’s a homes, multifamily apartments or large commercial jobs, we know every project is different. From new construction projects to building retrofits, we’ve seen it all and can answer your questions and find the best fit for you. We provide our systems on a Power Purchase Plan and or lease program if need be. If you are purchasing the system we manage all rebates, incentives, and tax credits to bring the most dollars to your project, and find a solution that makes the most financial sense.


We install high-quality solar electric systems for both building retrofits and new construction projects. By working in close coordination with Trans Global Contracting Inc. as well as our other partners of general contractors and subcontracting teams, we are able to ensure a timely and cost-effective solar installation.