Eco Power Solutions


TGP constantly strives to provide value by bringing innovative and cutting edge energy saving technology to both commercial clients as well as utility grade green energy. As a partner to various national saving initiatives, TGP prides itself in the value of energy savings it provides to its business clients.


Safety is at the forefront of everything TGP does. If it cannot be done safely, TGP will not do it.


TGP consistently strives to return and share energy saving values gained from national and local initiatives back to our customers and the community, thereby achieving mutual benefit for both business partners and customers.


WE focus on emerging technologies and the direction of future initiatives, thus resulting in continued viable solutions to our client’s needs.


TGP consistently strives to be the leader of “creative” value in the marketplace by continuously enhancing professional competitiveness within the energy industry.


TGP is very active in the community through charitable organizations, supporting the unfortunate, and doing its part to beautify the local area through partnership with the cities.